Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Munk Debates take on Climate Change

Tonight the Munk Debates will take on the issue of Climate Change.

Be it resolved climate change is mankind's defining crisis and, demands a commensurate response

Elizabeth May - Green Party of Canada leader
George Monbiot - British author on climate change issues

Bjorn Lomborg - Danish Academic and founder of the Copenhagen Consensus
Nigel Lawson - Former British Conservative cabinet minister

I heard a short debate between Lomborg and Monbiot on CBC Radio One just now. The one issue that came up was a disagreement about the Stern Review.

I plan on watching tonight.

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Canada Guy said...

Canada is the climate change bad guy. We have ignored our Kyoto commitments, have poor emissions targets for Copenhagen, and we are actively trying to disrupt climate meetings. But we still have a chance to change and lead.