Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Global Climate Change

It concerns me that that the primary approach to climate change issues has become one of an almost religious approach to the issue. To ask questions is to be a heretic, to question the infallibility of Kyoto is to be outside the realm of salvation.

There are issues I would like to look at with respect to climate change and consider:

  • What do we mean by global warming?
  • What are the economic costs of doing nothing?
  • What are the economic gains from climate change?
  • How hard and in what way should be work towards stopping and reversing warming?
  • Which is more cost effective, reducing outputs or taking CO2 from the atmosphere?
  • What are examples of regions that are doing well and ones that doing badly?
  • Why work stick to Kyoto since it is so flawed?

I have many more questions and will try to explore them over time.