Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BC is leading in North America

Over and over again it is clear that the jurisdiction in North America that is most willing to take action on climate change is BC. This is in the jurisdiction in North America that already has close to the lowest per capita CO2 emissions and will have the hardest time trying reduce them much at all.

Recently BC was praised by Prince Charles for the steps the province is taking. This is a very significant statement as the Prince would not have made it without have his staff research the issue in detail and giving him the confidence it is true. The Windors as a family have been amazingly good at keeping themselves out of politics. The biggest stirs on any potential political issue have been when Prince Charles derided modern architecture or his father has made some old school boneheaded upper class comments about society.

The problem here in BC is that the left can not deal with the fact that a centre right party that is free enterprise in nature is the most environmentally progressive government in all of North America. Really they should be rejoicing that BC has a government that can get the business community to come abroad with green issues. Instead there is a backlash against the government not being green enough or attacks on projects that will have major positive impacts on CO2 emissions in attempts to 'brown-wash' them.

People in BC that are not happy with the huge amount of work that the Liberals have done here need to consider the fact that they are complaining about being in the location that is leading everyone else. This is sort of like complaining that in a marathon your guy is winning but not by a large enough margin. They are complaining about a government that is aiming to set new world standards for how low CO2 emissions can be in a first world country.

In BC we are on par with the CO2 emissions of with many of the leaders in Europe. We are developing industries that will have an impact on CO2 emissions in all of western North America. It is realistic for BC to produce huge amounts of green electrical power, each Mw/h reduces the need for one tonne CO2 from coal fired power.

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