Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pembina Institute Review of Platforms

The Pembina Institute has reviewed the platforms of the three major parties as it relates to climate change and energy policy. The information they pull out of each platform is good, I am just not convinced at some of their rankings.

The Greens come out the winners - no surprise there at all. The Liberals and NDP come out more or less tied. The NDP manages to benefit from being vague on a number of issues and not being held to account for how they acted when they were government.

It can not be easy for organizations that have strong personal ties to the NDP to come out and say the emperor is not wearing any clothes. The right wing equivalent is issues around the horrible mistake of deficit spending and stimulus packages - most of the commentators on the right are still having trouble pointing out that Stephen Harper has lost his way and is not governing well for the economy.

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BustaGrill said...

Hey Genius, there's a reason that most enviros have more of an affinity for the NDP than the BC Liberals.

You neglected to mention that West Coast Environmental Law conducted that review in partnership with Pembina. Pembina looked at energy and climate issues, and WCEL looked at everything else.

As you'll see, in the "everything else" categories, the NDP came out way ahead of the Libs. Those categories include:

Environmental Assessment
Fish Farms
First Nations Rights and Public Engagement
Forest Policy
Forests and Climate Change
Land Use Planning and Forest Practices
Species at Risk

So, what was your point exactly?