Monday, April 27, 2009

Atlin Run of the River project

We still have some small towns that rely on diesel generators, Atlin was on one such town. Run of the river in BC has been done well and requires a lot of reviews before you can go ahead.

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BustaGrill said...

Good work building up a straw man. The Atlin IPP is the kind of project that most environmentalists would agree is good and necessary. The problem is the other 80 or so that have been approved since 2002 where the merits aren't as clear, and ditto for the dozens more that are going to be announced in the coming months as a result of the 2008 call for power. Sorry, there's no good excuse for opening up our rivers and valleys for this scale of development without comprehensive planning to make sure we're getting best quality and most quantity of power for the least amount of environmental damage.

I'm glad you're on board with the BC-STV campaign but on the IPP file and supporting the Liberals as good for the environment you're out to lunch.