Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Carbon Tax - Political Suicide?

The NDP is hammering the government in Victoria over the carbon tax. Initially the public seemed well dispossed to the idea of a carbon tax, but with some fanning of the flames, the NDP has developed a dislike for the carbon tax.

Federally the Liberals have also proposed a carbon tax and they are being beaten up by the Conservatives about it. Certainly the issue is not looking good as a federal election issue and may push the federal Liberals further down in the polls.

The public likes the idea of the environment, but it does not want to pay for it. It is inevitable that carbon taxes are coming, that there will be some sort of system to attach a price or cost to carbon emissions, but it is not going to be popular and the people bringing it in will be lauded in the future but not now.


Anonymous said...


We did a emailing yesterday to 1,000 people clearly stating what negative actions you and Sue Stroud did to those who disagreed with you at Uvic.

Over efforts to discredit you are going well.

Topaza said...

Interesting to know.