Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I look around hospitals, hotels, airports and the ferry terminals and all of them have special parking for taxis - this is crazy, why are we making it easier for taxis to be in use?

Many taxis are Prius in Victoria, but still they spend most of their time without passengers in them. They are not efficient in their use, but they get special access to so many places.

As a start, we need to work on the Victoria Airport. The taxis need to be pushed out to make room for decent bus service to city. Move the taxis out beyond where we the public have to park.

If there were buses every 15 minutes going into to town, I would use it all the time.

I have also been at Royal Jubliee recently. Once again taxis get to come in close, public parking is further out and the buses do not come that close. The entrance needs make a priority for public transit. I would add a new bus running from the Fort and Foul Bay, via the backside of the Hospital and the front door, along Bay Street all the way to government and then down government into town. You could also reroute the #14 to pass by the hospital.

The government should also look at an extra carbon tax on taxis and limos - make them clearly and totally carbon neutral. Have them pay full freight for all their carbon emissions.

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